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Hello everyone,
3 years have passed since I designed and released the pattern ORLANDO (it was launched in December 2019).  Something had been nagging me all this time and it was only in early 2022 that I made up my mind and got back to the drafting board to alter the pattern and offer you a better version.
To make it fit our body shapes beautifully and have a nicer silhouette, I decided to update this pattern.

I modified the pattern sheet, and the booklet as well. The old file was replaced with the new one on the site on September 7, 2022.
If you bought the pattern before that day, please follow the instructions below to get the updated pattern. However, if you bought the ORLANDO pattern after September 7, 2022,  you don’t have to do anything: you already have the updated pattern, with all the modifications.

For all the customers who bought the ORLANDO pattern as a PDF before September 7, 2022, you will have to download it again from your account.
Proceed as follows: log in to your account on pm-patterns, then click on “My downloads” (that’s where you find all of your PDF purchases). Then, click on the black “Download” button facing the ORLANDO pattern and the download will start automatically. You will have to save the new file on your computer and print the new pattern sheet and booklet again.

For all the customers who bought the ORLANDO pattern as a paper pattern before September 7, 2022, here are the modifications you will have to make on your pattern sheet :

* Sewing the pattern ONE SIZE smaller than your normal size.
For a better fit, I highly recommend to choose one size smaller than your normal size. That means that if you’re a french size 40 in ready-to-wear or based on the size chart, choose to sew a french size 38.
For customers being a size 34 in RTW or based on the p&m size chart, that means there’s a size missing on the pattern sheet. In that case, please contact me at contact(arobas)pm-patterns.com: I will send you the missing size, provided you can prove me you effectively bought the pattern ORLANDO.

* Lengthening front and back legs.
Sewing the pattern in a smaller size means that it will sit higher at the waist.
A way to compensate that is to lengthen the legs (#1 and #2 pieces) 5 or 6cm for a height=170cm, for both culottes and pants. The taller you are, the longer the legs must be. Warning: If you have really long legs, you can lengthen the legs a lot more. Once the garment has been sewn, it’s easier to cut some extra length than having a too-short garment.

* Shortening the front pleat length.
On the original pattern, the front pleats were sewn for 11cm. Now, they’re only sewn for 7cm: it’s much more fitting!

* Narrowing the legs for the PANTS
Warning : this modification is ONLY for  he PANTS version
I had drafted wide legs for the pants to equal the culottes’ legs. As an afterthought, I think I made a mistake and I think that narrower legs are cuter.
I cut down 2cm on the right AND left of each leg bottom, i.e. the width of each leg bottom has been cut down 4cm.
The inner leg needs to be drawn again between the crotch and the bottom: it’s rather easy if you follow a curve based on the original curve.
The outer leg is even easier! Just join the side line of the original pattern piece 26 cm below the top edge, as shown on the illustration below.

That’s it! I hope that these explanations will help you in updating your ORLANDO paper pattern sheet. In any case, this update will enable you to sew a garment (pants or culottes) that will be visually pleasing and totally on point with 2022 Fall/ Winter fashion!

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