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For all of you who wish to sew their wedding dresses, Yzé might the perfect model for the big day…

An elegant dress with a refined yet original cut…

A dress that is easy to sew as well as easy to wear, without any technical difficulty…

A cute little dress suitable for the town hall ceremony, which won’t prevent you from wearing a more elaborate dress afterwards…

A dress you may wear on any other great opportunity…

So many reasons why Yzé could become the wedding dress model you will choose!

Many heartfelt thanks to Céline (Instagram @ten_years_apart) who sewed and modelled that awesome Yzé dress (3/4 sleeves, deep-V back with box pleat)

She chose a polyester crepe (15 euros /3 meters) and lace trimming (7 euros) from coupons de Saint-Pierre.

If you need more details regarding the sewing of Yze, you can read my previous article on this patterns.

See you soon!

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