LEMON SQUASH, a new child pattern

LEMON SQUASH or sunny days, lovely white sandy beaches, sweet summer evenings with friends,  good life in short!

When I lived in Indonesia, Lemon Squash, was THE drink made of sparkling water, lemon juice and a trace of cane syrup my friends and I used to drink while having lunch. For me, it’s the sound of something bubbly in your glass, like a little spark of madness!

This is what this name reminds me of… And that’s exactly what came to my mind when my daughter put on her first LEMON SQUASH and twirled on and on!

So, let’s get back to sewing! LEMON SQUASH is a sunbathing dree or top for girls aged 2 to 12Y.

Characteristics of the base pattern :
* Backless,

* Thin straps,

* Gathered front and back waists,

* Elasticized double casing at the back



I also offer three types of bodice :
* Triangle bodice

* Cross-over bodice

* Trapeze bodice

With the straps, you can either…
* Tie them halter-style

* Button them at the back waist

* Cross and button them at the back waist


Once again, I put together a pattern with multiple combinations you can mix together!

Lemon Squash is available as a PDF or as a paper pattern on the e-shop!
And like other pm-patterns, you will get :
–  A full size pattern sheet with seam allowances included;
– An extremely-detailed instructions booklet with many illustrations to help you at each step.

Ready, set, Lemon Squash!

I told you that little girls love Lemon squash!


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I got a lot of useful tips about child from this article. Thank you very much!
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