Billie, the small video…

… to help with the final stages of assembly.
When I created the pattern Billie, I was eager to offer you a very well explained pattern, with which even the less experienced seamstresses could well manage.

Despite this, it turns out that steps 13 and 14 related to the hem of the jacket bottom and the sleeve hems remain not so easy to understand.

To help you, I have prepared a small video that details these two steps (in french). I hope it will help you better understanding the final assembly.
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Hum hum, thank you for your understanding when it comes to my acting performance !!! Being filmed is not an exercise that I really like (not to say that I hate it !!!), and I think you may feel it …

Get to your BILLIE now, you have no more excuses not to start!

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Thanks for the video on the Billie. Just a little sad that my French is not sufficient to really understand what you are saying! But I have made 5 Billies this year so I’m getting better at it!
One question though, my most recent Billie was for a larger friend and I bought the longer zip as per your instructions but it didn’t fit nicely- the zip was too long so I switched back to the shorter zip and just left a gap at the bottom. Were you intending that we shorten a longer zip to fit?

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