p&m x Axelle Design – GIVEAWAY * Closed since february 13 *

Strawberry Tea is the name of the new fabrics collection designed for Mickaël Miller by Axelle Design.

Beautiful fabrics with a design that gives a taste of summer!

I had the privilege to sew using the fabric « Camomilles » and put the resulting short Ella under the spotlight. It was made in size 10 years for my 9 years old daughter. And I preferred to add a little froufrou on the pockets rather than a piping.
I love the result!

Associated to a small navyblue or white top with straps or dentelles,
it will be perfect for this summer, don’t you think ?!


Short Ella, Size 10 – p&m
Camomilles Fabric, Michael Miller by Axelle Design

Ella is available both in paper and PDF patterns on our new p&m shop, www.pm-patterns.com, from Size 2 to Size 12 years.

To celebrate the launch of her new collection, Axelle and I are organizing a GIVEAWAY. You have a chance to win a complete kit :

the Ella pattern in PDF format
Camomilles Fabric

allowing you to create your own Ella in the size of your choice


To participate :

  • add a comment to this post,
  • increase your chances by participating in each of our Instagram accounts p&m patterns and Axelle Design

The lucky draw will take place on Tuesday 13 February at noon (CET).

Good luck to everyone!!!

CATEGORY: Kids sewing

p&m patterns

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